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Service Partners

These are typically organisations that operate as a domain service supplier to Jasper Global Corporation – they usually have tightly honed expertise in a particular area rather than being seen as generalists.

We operate in specific sectors and provide professional independent services and solutions, ensuring that when an organisation commissions work through us they have ethically minded, skilled, qualified service partners in the field they require.

solution provider partner is a service provider or a value-added service that comprehensively handles the project needs of our client from concept to installation through to support.


Service Partners bring additional skills that we don’t have in our own core staff.  If we do not have the skills to carry out certain jobs efficiently or professionally, we may prefer to use our staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Skills Transfer

Working with specialist Service Partners gives us the opportunity to improve the skills of our own staff, and have the opportunity to learn from the professionals working on our projects.

Please be aware that Jasper Global Corporation are not referral agents, so you would be working as a representative of the Jasper organisation and branded under our organisation or one of our partners.

Jasper Global Corporation

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