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We operate globally and provide professional, independent services and solutions, ensuring that when an organisation commissions work through us they have ethically minded, skilled, qualified consultants in the field they require.

We have specialists from the fields of Human Resources, Human Capital Management, Competence Management, Information Technology, English Language Training and Knowledge Management, Occupational and Industrial Psychology – operating in Oil and Gas, the Power Industry, Education and Training, Food and Beverage, Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism, Cyber Security Defence, Investments securities and Banking Government both National and Local and the Health and Care Sectors (though not exclusively in these sectors).

If you have specialist consultancy skills in any of the above areas and would like to appear on our skilled professional database then email us using the ‘Mail Us’ link under ‘Contact’ at the top of this page. We will contact you by email and will require an uptodate CV with a colour photograph top centred. The CV should start with your contact details, a paragraph outlining your primary competence area(s), your professional memberships (if any) and your qualifications. Finally, details of your employment or assignments.

Your CV should be no more than 3 to 4 pages in length.  If you want to be selective where you will work (safety is always a consideration in our mind) then you may not be the person we are looking for. It is important to us that we can reliably meet our clients requirements and this does require at times considerable flexibility on our part and yours.

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We will also need scanned copies of the qualifications and memberships you identify in your CV.

We will need a scanned copy of your Passport in the event of international work.

Consultants are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding, which protects the exchange of information and sets out the relationship between the Consultant and Jasper Global Corporation.  To contact us click ‘Contact’ above and an email form will appear.

Please be aware, if selected Jasper Global Corporation are not referral agents so you would be working as a representative of the Jasper organisation and branded under our organisation or one of our partners.

Jasper Global Corporation

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