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Our Company Name Jasper Global Corporation

With offices across 5 continents we are historically an English company with an English heritage and subsidiary. England has always been famous for its great mix of cultures and for beautiful countryside, but less known for its heritage is the manufacture of fine bone china, particularly in North Staffordshire, the company and Chairmans home county in England.

The Chairman Dr Potts has a 180 year history in ceramics in his family.  On his Fathers side this can be traced back to North Africa (Morocco) where the family were slaved out to the UK around 1750 their slave family name was “The Pots” and their skills were in fine glazes and the manufacture of Moroccan ceramics, Moroccan Fez platters and Berber Design bowls and platters. This is why Jasper use North Staffordshire and Jasper Blue as their global identity.

Since the early part of the 18th century, fine china has been manufactured in North Staffordshire, and one of its many local companies (circa 1745) is Wedgwood, (founded by Josiah Wedgwood 1730 – 1795). Wedgwood, England’s finest china company, has been synonymous with beauty, craftsmanship and innovation for almost 250 years. Founded by Josiah Wedgwood I, known as the ‘father of English potters’, Wedgwood created the ornamental wares Black Basalt and Jasper for which the company is still renowned, and perfected Queen’s Ware, the company’s celebrated cream coloured ceramic body.

Wedgwood, has been referred to as a genius for his design and cutting edge manufacturing techniques, today he would be referred to as exceptionally Creative and Innovative. The imposing figure of Josiah Wedgwood – the potter, scientist and industrialist who created one of the world’s first luxury brands in 1759 and with it a device for measuring the heat inside ovens. Royal families of Europe were demanding his stuff long before it became the staple of wedding lists and golden wedding anniversaries.

The Wedgwood company, still has an international reputation and brand for producing fine china, but one name in particular is Wedgwood Blue, also known internationally as Jasper Blue, which is synonymous with our company.  The blue colour on this site is Jasper Blue, because of its distinctive colour and texture, and this is where our company name originates. Jasper Blue is used on all of our branding, from website to research documentation and publicity materials. We do hope you like the colour and respect its noble history as much as we do.

English Dissenters or English Separatists were Protestant Christians who separated from the Church of England in the 17th and 18th centuries. A dissenter (from the Latin dissentire, “to disagree”) is one who disagrees in opinion, belief and other matters. Dissenters opposed state interference in religious matters and founded their own churches, educational establishments and communities; some emigrated to the New World.

Jasper Global Corporation

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